Our Kitchen

Our vegetarian snacks and lunches are prepared lovingly everyday by our local team from our village of Pejeng as well as by our teachers and sometimes our students. We maintain the highest integrity as possible when it comes to our ingredients, both in quality and in sourcing. We use local and organic products whenever possible and always non GMO. We always use local and organic rice. We do not cook with Palm Oil in support of the Friends of the National Parks program to protect the Orangutans, whom we share our land with. Instead we use Coconut Oil that we produce here in Bali, by our local team here in Pejeng. This is homemade and 100% organic. We never use teflon or aluminum and our utensils are stainless steel. Our pots and pans are ceramic and stainless steel.

We order our ingredients in bulk, and invite our parents to take part in these orders as well. This allows all of us to get high quality products, for a lower pricer. We order grains, flour, pulses and dried nuts.