Camp Program

We couldn't be happier to be starting enrollments for our 2019 Summer Camp.

This  year will be as fun as the last two. Each week we will take two off campus trips to some of our favorite Bali attractions, such as Bali Safari Park, Bedugul Treetop Adventure Park and of course the Sea Turtle Release Center. The children will be able to splash and play, zipline, climb and soar above the trees in the cool mountains and explore  the baby shark conservation area. Children of all ages love, time and again, releasing the baby turtles into the ocean, watching them find their own way into the sea. 

While at our school campus the children will have full and enriched days. We will integrate much of our school program and local traditions so they are able to have as dynamic an experience as possible. Yoga, meditation and healthy vegetarian snacks and lunches are integral parts of our Wood School program. The children will explore the science of crystal making, the traditional art of Indonesian Batik, and work with natural tie dying, creating beautiful mementos to bring home. They will have an introduction to traditional Balinese Dance, Capoeira, Gymnastics/Yoga  Dance and Robotics.  

The students will have workshops making Traditional Indonesian Jamu. These are Ayurvedic  remedies, ideas brought from India to Java and  made from local herbs. Scrubs, creams, teas and juices are examples of what we will explore. The children will have a chance to participate in Indonesian Cooking lessons learning a new dish such as vegetarian "Soto" soup, or a traditional local dessert.  We will also have natural chocolate making workshops and will plan a special interactive, educational snake visit from local experts.



July  22nd - 26th, 2019

July 29th - August 2nd, 2019





Please email us at for price and availability 


This summer we are going to do things a little differently. We are pleased to open two, one week sessions, of our fun filled and  exploratory Summer Camp 

July 2nd-6th (FULL)


July 9th-13th

Hours 10-4, Monday through Friday

Ages 6-10

We will start the week with a day here in our beautiful school gardens, with Yoga, Meditation,Song and Arts and Crafts. The following three days will include outings to explore and enjoy some of the lovely things Bali has to offer. We will visit Bali Bird Park, Bedugul Botanical Gardens and Historic Japanese Caves and one of our school's Island Favorites, the Turtle Conservation Center, where the children are able to release baby Sea Turtles back into their natural habitats. We will close the week session with a relaxing day back in our gardens, where we will resume our activities from the start of the week. The children will be able to bring a memento of their own creation home at the end of the week. 

Please email us at for pricing and availability . We will have limited spaces so please reserve in advance (prices will slightly increase after June 1st) 

Summer Camp 2017

Our Summer Camp will run from July 10th-21st this July. It will be a Monday through Friday program, 10 am- 3pm.  Our participating children will study as themes Greek Mythology as well as Sea Turtles. They will have Greek cooking lessons, learning to make baklava and greek yogurt. They will study Ancient Greek Mythology and put on a final drama performance. During this they will participate in costume as well as set design. 

They will take a trip to Bali Bird Park as well as participate in a baby sea turtle release program, where they will take boats to release the baby turtles back into their natural habitat. They will participate in daily yoga, meditation, song and dance as well.  

Space is limited as we will keep the group small to ensure the children are able to form close bonds with each other, and get the most out of their experience. 

Please email us at for price and availability.