What are your school hours?

School begins at 08:45 and ends at 16:00 Monday to Thursday, except for Kindergarten which finishes at 15:00 . Friday school ends at 14.00. Gate closes at 10: 00 and reopens at 15:00.  Pick up time is at 16:00, except for Kindergarten. The latest is at 16:15 for Primary and 15:15 for Kindergarten. 

May I drop my child off early?

We can not supervise children who are dropped off before school start as our teachers are using this time to plan and often have meetings. It is unsafe for the children to be unsupervised.  If your children are coming early please be sure you, or a caretaker, stay with them until drop off time. 

May I pick up my child after the pick up time?

 We can not supervise children who are picked up after the pick up time as our teachers are using this time to plan and often have meetings. It is unsafe for the children to be unsupervised.  If your children are leaving late please be sure you, or a caretaker, stay with them. 

Can I send someone to pick up my children?

It is your responsibility. We just need to know in advance who will be responsible for picking them up.For that reason we need an Identification card submitted to us.

May I send the school a last minute notification about late pick up?

We might not see it as we might no longer be at school at this point, so we prefer you call another parent with whom you can make an arrangement for alternate pick up. 

Are non-enrolled students allowed to play on school grounds during school hours?

No, they are strictly prohibited from being at school during school hours.

My child has been kicked out of a school, can he/she enroll here?

We are not able to accept children who have documented behavioral problems. 

Do you accept children with special needs?

No. We do not have the staff and resources, as a Non-Profit, to provide any additional educational support outside of our established program. 

For what reasons would a child be not allowed to continue enrollment at your school?

Our school is based on moral conduct. If the child inflicts harm to others, intentionally in any way be it physically or psychologically, there is no room for continued enrollment. Also, if a child is unable to progress academically within  reasonable and standard age appropriate guidelines we will not be able to carry on enrollment as we do not have the resources required to support these children. Lastly, we cannot continue enrollment for students whose parents exhibit behavior which is not in alignment with our philosophy.This is also to protect students from being the victims of any kind of harmful behavior. 

My child was in grade "x", can he/she be placed the same or higher?

Every child, grades 4 and above,  needs a minimum of one term for a trial. The early years might need less, to be able to accurately determine where they most appropriately fit in terms of academic and emotional maturity. In many cases we have found that what a parent wants in terms of this, is not in alignment with what is truly in the best interest of the child. 

My child does not speak English, can he/she come to your school?

Our program is run in English. For children who are not able to speak and understand English, they must enroll in after school tutoring lessons for a minimum of one term. 

What does my child need to bring to school?

All students must be prepared for their classes. They need pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, colored pencils and notebooks. They should pack a water bottle, a set of spare clothes as well as rain gear, during rainy season. Children should also pack any needed medications and have a medical kit, of their parent's choosing available. 

My child loses his/her school supplies at school. What do I do?

It is very common for children to lose their things, not only at school but at home as well. We usually try to help a child locate their lost item to the extent that time allows. We are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items. Please talk to your children about the importance of responsibility. 

What should my child wear to school?

Our school is active, so children should wear clothes that are allowed to get dirty. Girls should wear shorts or leggings under dresses and skirts. Families  are responsible for providing clothing for all extracurricular needs. 

Do you provide food for our children?

We have a vegetarian snack and lunch program, 90% organically grown. It is optional. 

Can I pack food for my child?

Yes. We have a very strict food policy. You can only bring vegan/vegetarian, healthy foods to the school. Please request our food philosophy and guidelines if needed. 

My child has special dietary restrictions, can you prepare special food for him/her?

Our kitchen staff is extremely busy already, and we do not have extra staff to help with this. It is best if you prepare and send any special foods yourself. 

Can we parents eat at school also?

 We don't prepare extra food for parents and visitors. But, if we have extra we will be happy to share. 

We don't participate in the food program but can my child still eat the school snack?

No, this is part of the food program that must be paid for. 

Can we pack extra snack for our children?

Children may bring homemade, healthy snacks and fruits, any thing other than this is prohibited. Sugar based snacks and chewing gum and candies are especially forbidden. 

What does the school do when a child is sick?

We treat children with homeopathics. If you would like to use something else for your children please send it, along with instructions. In the case of accidents we encourage you to have health insurance in place for your child. 

I'm worried about other children having head lice, what does the school do about this?

Usually we personally inform parents if we discover a case. We request the child be kept home until it's treated completely and we request that parents take seriously into consideration the importance of not bringing them back until it is, for the sake of our small communnity. 

Are your teachers native English speakers?

No, all of our teachers are able to deliver and facilitate the curriculum however with ease. This is a racist mentality. To find a school in a non-English speaking country and to demand native English speaking teachers is imperialistic. 

How do you run your classrooms?

We group together children who are working academically and socially at the same level. We adjust these groups from time to time as needed due to the variation of development amongst children. We cannot hold back a child who has outgrown their group, in short we are against the dullness of staticity.

Why did my child's teacher change?

All of our teachers have graduated from different fields of study, the children should experience and learn from these varied strengths and areas of expertise. You will find that the size of our student body is what normally makes a class in other schools. We divide this into small learning groups. 

Is this a Waldorf or Montessori school?

No. This is Neo Humanist School. Based on our moral and spiritual teachings you may find we are somewhere in between the two in our presentation. 

How do you approach acedemics?

We do not follow the national curriculum, but do have Bahasa Indonesia lessons. We have  a Singaporean Science and Math curriculum and a sister school with whom we work for our English curriculum.

How do you handle a child with persistent behavioral problems?

It is rare that we have found a child  has such extreme behavioral problems that we must end enrollment.Our first step is always to meet with parents to try to come up with a plan, a unified front, in dealing with these situations. If this fails to work or if the parents reject working together, we have no choice but to end the child's enrollment. 

What level of participation is expected of my child?

 We expect all enrolled children to participate completely in our program. We do not have the ability to supervise children who do not want to participate. 

Do you offer certification?

We do not provide certification. We provide transcripts for children enrolled for a minimum of one year of the subjects they have covered to track their progress.