Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp will run from July 10th-21st this July. It will be a Monday through Friday program, 10 am- 3pm.  Our participating children will study as themes Greek Mythology as well as Sea Turtles. They will have Greek cooking lessons, learning to make baklava and greek yogurt. They will study Ancient Greek Mythology and put on a final drama performance. During this they will participate in costume as well as set design. 

They will take a trip to Bali Bird Park as well as participate in a baby sea turtle release program, where they will take boats to release the baby turtles back into their natural habitat. They will participate in daily yoga, meditation, song and dance as well.  

Space is limited as we will keep the group small to ensure the children are able to form close bonds with each other, and get the most out of their experience. 

Please email us at for price and availability.