Beyond Robotics


Weekly Robotics Sessions


 Wood School has a added a new program which has drawn much interest and great enthusiasm from students all ages. We've introduced a Robotics and Programming optional extracurricular, a Beyond STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning system. We run classes in one hour sessions after school and the children work in pairs based on age level. We have had children from the greater Bali community join us for our program and we are open to continuing this in the future.   
 There are many well know benefits of exposure to robotics for students. They are able to cultivate their abilities to WORK IN TEAMS as well as develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS which can later be applied to COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. Students are able to learn how to communicate and make CONNECTIONS ACROSS PLATFORMS such a Science, Maths and the Arts. INNOVATION nurtured through robotics can be applied limitlessly as they continue their acquisition of knowledge and experiences throughout childhood and young adulthood.   
 Through exploring, testing and observing the children are able to use robotics as a launch pad to discover their passions, interests and talents from this new perspective.