Final Performance and Christmas Market with Live Music from Dee

We are pleased to invite one and all to join us for this year's Final Performance and  Christmas Market. We look forward to the fantastic jazz vocals of Ubud's own Dee send we feel very pleased to have the vendors joining us who are, including Sari Hati School for disabled children selling their handmade ceramics, Rosalie Indonesian made gourmet cheeses, Dessert Decorating with the talented Mila Stedronova  and the beautiful children's clothing of  Melatiku. Below we will share a little more information (from their websites) about these inspiring and local organisations and people and we look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Sari Hati School

 We provide a free school for children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 

 Our aim is to create a safe, happy environment and develop the potential of each participants through meaningful programmes, such as Art Class, Cooking Class, Gardening, Swimming, Ceramic Classes, Life skills and hobbies, Academic Classes, Housekeeping Classes, Yoga, Friend School activities. 

Rosalie Cheese Indonesia

 "Beautiful milk will make absolutely tasty cheese!"

Jakarta used to be the home of our production. Since the beginning of this year we moved all of our production to the island of Bali. Our aim is to make our baby cheeses more happy, stress free and closer to nature. We highly support the local Indonesian dairy farmers by purchasing significant amount of milk in a routine basis with a fair price point. 

To ensure the quality & freshness of our products, the milk are collected from the morning milking and transformed into delicious cheese on the very same day. The taste of the milk reflects the taste of the cheese we produce, from dry season to wet season, you can actually taste the subtle differences in the cheese as the pasture grasses fed to the animal changes with the fluctuating temperature and amount of rainfall.

Currently we are partnering with four partner farms in East Java and Bali to produce our amazing cheese. Our partner farm works very hard to maintain Hygiene, good quality of milk, Healthy cows & goats, Clean & Well managed farm and fair wages for the farm workers.



We are a Mum and Dad team who have decided that we want to spend more time at home with our two boys….Yes I said boys! It is always a conversation piece when I say we create beautiful clothes for girls! For us, we are so much more inspired by colour, florals and bold prints and these fit better with our vision for a girls clothing line. Our poor boys do have to try on our samples to check the fittings. Although they are getting a bit old now and are realising they are dresses!

There are so many cute clothing brands out there and as a Mum of two boys I am always found in the girls section of any kids shop. But for us there is nothing out there that is as bright and tropical as us. Nothing that screams ‘sunshine’ in the way we do. Our brand has been created around the idea of a little girl who loves to be outdoors in the sunshine exploring, creating and dreaming. She takes risks, is independent and will one day inspire others with her confidence and determination. A girl version of my little one.

We are inspired by tropical islands and the lushness of environments blessed with monsoon rains. We are also very much influenced by patterns and traditional processes of fabric production in Indonesia. Our prints are a variety of digital and hand-screenprinted motifs, and are carefully selected to be true to our vibrant, bold brand.

Our clothes are all made in Bali Indonesia and we spend our time working with local artisans. We hate the idea of stealing childhoods through using sweatshops and so we work with self-employed artisans who set a fair price for each piece.  All of our team support their own families and all of their children are receiving local education.

When thinking about our brand vision and our intrinsic desire to give back we thought about these qualities that ‘Melatiku’ has.  We decided that empowering girls and young women to dream, be confident and be ambitious was what we want to put our efforts into. Through our contacts, social media and website we will be reaching out to parents and others involved in education to share ideas.  We will keep you updated of our efforts through social media.

Mila Stedronova

We look forward to having this well loved Ubud based private chef cater our vegetarian and vegan dessert decorating station!