Neo-Humanist Philosophy
Neo Humanism is an ecological, holistic, comprehensive philosophy. Drawing upon ancient teachings on the levels of consciousness, a neo-humanistic approach to education seeks to develop the more subtle capacities of the human mind.

Neo-Humanism is the spirit of benevolence. To teach love one must embody it. To embody love one must see all as divine. To see all as divine one must practice methods of contemplation and inner reflection. Only then will one embody the true spirit of universal outlook in their thoughts and actions.
Cultivating a Universal Outlook
The philosophy of Neo-Humanist education is based on extending the inherent love of human beings to all people, animals, plant life and the inanimate world. This outlook is ideally suited to the needs and changing vision of today’s society with its shift from a mechanistic worldview to one based on holistic and collective harmony.

We aim to provide programs in which children will develop a universal outlook, free from all discrimination; they come to embrace all people as members of one human family, regardless of race, religion, colour, creed, or sex. Through such activities as gardening, nature studies and care for animals, a truly ecological consciousness guides them to protect and nourish their environment and realize their inter-relationship with nature. Cultivation of the arts and music are also encouraged and children are provided with a congenial environment in order to awaken these finer qualities.

Unity in Diversity
We believe that “Education is that which leads to liberation” and so education should not be just about the teaching of facts but a means of developing self-knowledge and freeing the child from personal and social bondages which hinder progress.

Neo-Humanistic education focuses on inter-connection, unity in diversity, the use of science and technology for the welfare of all and maintaining an ecologically balanced world. By cultivating this universal outlook, Neo-Humanistic education strives to check the growth of narrow sentiments and exploitation which currently divide the world. We believe in rationality and not superstition, dogma or fanaticisms. We aim to tap the unique capacity of human beings to think rationally, creatively and intuitively.