Our curriculum is based on moral values, being taught on a Buddhism heritage, based on a huge parcel beautiful land of Pejeng Village, just outside Ubud, Bali.

We adopt local wisdom and learning morality and develop the values from all spheres.

They will gradually collaborate them with all the world wisdom for future self development.

The school responsibilities are to bring back all these joys of fun learning, putting them altogether into kids-first curriculum.

By these practices, the children are getting mature in their awareness and might be able to transform their self awareness and the social values for others welfare.

Our Values:
Ahimsa: Don’t be violent to myself or others; Be caring to myself and others
Satya: Don’t lie; Be truthful with myself and others
Asteya: Don’t steal; Be generous
Brahmacara: Don’t waste my energy; Use my energy wisely
Aparagraha: Don’t be greedy; Be grateful for what I have
Saucha: Be clean
Santosha: Be happy with myself and others
Tapas: Always work hard
Svadhyaya: Studying is important. Take time to learn about myself and the world around me
Ishvara pranidhana: Always trust the power inside of me